Welcome to the new Armory Digital Racing Designs website

     With the new year comes a new website for Armory Digital Racing Designs. For most visiting you probably know the story already of what happened to the old site but here is a quick recap for those unaware of what occurred. The old hosting site unfortunately was having issues and the subdomain my site was originally hosted on just randomly stopped working a few days into 2020. Everything on the back-end was still set up as expected and the site was able to be accessed via FTP just fine. For some reason for users though the site was giving 404 errors.

     After careful consideration the decision was made to cancel the current service that the site was hosted on and find a new one. Along with finding a new host the site would be rebuilt using wordpress as well. WordPress would allow better optimization, new features, and easier editing capabilities compared to the previous version of the site. While the set up time no doubt has caused several weeks of downtime for users the future of the site will be a lot easier to maintain and update content to it.

      One other core feature of this new website was to keep the layout somewhat similar to the old one so users will have a familiar way of navigation around the place. All original download files and render paint schemes from the past have been faithfully restored to the best of my ability. The only part that won’t be making a return are the old new articles/updates but this post serves as the beginning of a new chain for this website. The core part of the website is all up and running but don’t be surprised if you see new features or content appear as I still have more pages to finish and content to complete. If any links or pages don’t seem to work let me know and I will look into fixing them. It took quite awhile to rebuild but now that everything is operational I look forward to the future content coming. If you know anyone who was wondering what happened to the old domain on the site feel free to share this new one to them.

     So until next time, enjoy the new site and feel free to explore all the content it has to offer.