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NR2003 website for fictional paint schemes, tracks, mods, UI, and more.

Armory Digital SuperSpeedway 2023 Edition


The 2023 edition for Armory Digital Superspeedway. Overhauled with all new performance improvements and texture updates.


Armory Digital SuperSpeedway 2017 Edition


The premiere Superspeedway has return in an all new 2017 edition. Many graphic additions have been included with this version to give it a 2017 touch.


Yas Marina Circuit


The Dubai Dream is Real: For the first time Yas Marina Circuit joins the NR2003 track list.



Taylor Swift Superdome


One treacherous short track with plenty of racing action to make the entire race a non-stop wild thrill ride.



Dodge Motordome


A reskin of TS Superdome with Dodge as the primary sponsor and colors.



Armory Digital SuperSpeedway


Armory Digital SuperSpeedway is the premieire track for the Armory Digital Cup Series. Designed for pure speed, 4-5 wide racing, and high detail it’s one superspeedway you’ll want in your NR2003 collection.


Tennessee SuperSpeedway


This track was made nearly 8 years ago and was never released to the public. It is a rare unreleased version of a practically finished superspeedway I designed a long time and ago. It was buiried in files for years until now the rare and unreleased track is for all to enjoy now.

Freeway SuperSpeedway


It doesn’t get anymore insane than this really. 12 miles on a freeway where cars can go 5, 6, 7, or even more wide and where every split second there is a chance the biggest big one might happen. You don’t race this track, it races you.


Corn Field Raceway 07′


Race in the corn fields of Iowa! This winding road course in the middle of nowhere surround by corn fields and farmland buildings will make you never want to see corn again.


Airfield Development Track


For development purposes only. Contact AD Racing Designs for further details, not for public release