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NR2003 website for fictional paint schemes, tracks, mods, UI, and more.

For the 9+ years Armory Digital Racing Designs has been in operation we’ve always been committed to being transparent with the NR2003 community. Part of this transparency included no form of monetary gain to help support the website server, domain, time, and tool costs. This decision was solely based on the fact AD Racing Designs was built to serve the community and not made to receive any kind of gain from it. Things have changed over the past 5 years or so with AD Racing designs becoming more well known in the NR2003 hub of websites that still exist and support the community.


I’ve been reached out to by several community members that want to support the website in the form of donations. With that, the site will now have the option of donating if you wish. As the creator of the site and my own personal standards I’ve always been reluctant to have any type of donate system. I create everything in NR2003 for the love of the game. However I realize some people’s way of supporting the NR2003 community is by supporting those who make content and mods and they want to help keep the websites alive. I will never ask how much to give or if you should at all. If you feel obliged to give then feel free now.


AD Racing Designs still has a lot of NR2003 content coming and some big stuff in production right now. Nothing is going to change with donations other than the fact you’ll be able to help directly keep the website going. Thank you to the community that has reached out to me on this matter, as always AD Racing Designs is committed to serving you.


Sincerely AD Racing Designs Website owner and Lead AD Racing Designs NR2003 content developer,



On the note of being transparent, If you donate here are the ways your contributions will be used:

– Server hosting costs (costs roughly $150 per year to keep the hosted wordpress site server up and hosting download files on mediafire with a pro account so users can directly download ad free)

– Website domain costs (costs roughly $30 every 2 years for the domain name)

– Tools misc (anything such as 3dsimed3 that is used to build content for NR2003 tracks, a program for example that costs roughly $50)