Resource – Papyrus Scripting User Language Addon


Date: 10/11/2022

Creator: Mystical


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The NR2003 Papyrus Scripting Language is not recognized as a Script/Code Language by any text or IDE editors.
As a result this means the text appear plain (most likely as this readme file looks right now). Most common
scripting languages today have built in Languages that can highlight and identify syntax, keywords, operators,
Delimiters and etc etc that makes it not only easier to find the specific code fragment you are looking for but
also help prevent errors.


Since PSG scripting for NR2003 was only used in papyrus games (as far as access wise common users have) no public
Script languages to ‘translate’ PSG lines of code are available. This mean users must deal with plain text reading
thousands of lines of code and the best option is to insert my lines breaks in the form of commented out code to make
it easier for the read to scroll through and find the code they are on.


Well not anymore, that all has changed with the first available User Defined language addon for Notepad++. Simply follow the
instructions of this readme and whenever you open a PSG file in Notepad++ it will automatically light up with proper papyrus
language definitions and syntax so you can find everything you are looking for.



For additional resource info please reference the readme file included with the download.



– Script Language file: Mystical



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Version: BETA 0.9
Published: 10/11/2022