2015 Gentlemen Start Your Engines


Original date added: 4/10/2016

Creator: Mystical


Add-on info:

With 90 new gentlemen start your engines audio files. Enjoy all new audio clips including Sprint, Nationwide, Truck, and Arca series races from the 2015 season.


How to install to NR2003:

To add a gsye pack to your NR2003 go to your NR2003 directory and find the sound folder. In there copy the gsey1.ogg through gsye12.ogg files. If you have more thna 12 gsye files they will not play so name the 12 you want used as gsye1.ogg through gsye12.ogg.



Only the first 12 gsye will play, the 13th in some of the folders is just an extra so feel free to rename it to get use out of it when you want.



– All gyse audio files created and converted by Mystical

Size: 19.1 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/12/2020