Armory Digital Superspeedway


Original date added: 9/13/2014

Creator: Mystical


Track Info:

For the full details click here

How to install to NR2003:

Unzip the folder and copy both tracks to your NR2003 directory: NR2003/Tracks folder.



– Track surface textures, grandstands, infield buildings, bilboards, light poles, and a few other objects created by Mystical

– Other parts of the track such as objects in the infield area are from the NR2003 shared folder or revamped reloaded shared folder

– Whelen pit lights by Ian-S

– Track design / layout and lp lines creation by Mystical


Known Issues:

– This track was not optimized for users with low end computer’s. The track may work fine but no guarantees on the fps

– Please read the readme for the detailed info about and things to look out for.

Size: 31.8 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/06/2020