2015 Autodesk Carset (For NNS13mod)


Original date added: 2/15/2015

Creator: Mystical


Car Set info:

This is a new 2015 Autodesk Series car set. This car set includes 50+ unique cars and a total of 200+ designs including the various alternate schemes and July 4th schemes. This car set uses the NWS13 mod. For more info on the carset visit here.

How to install to NR2003:

Unzip the folder and copy all the files within the cars folder to your NR2003 directory: NR2003/ NWS13 Series/Cars folder.



– Bases and numbers on cars all painted by Mystical in photoshop / after effects.

– Logos from google, masgraphix, and best brands of the world, some including the Armory Digital sponsors created by Mystical.

– Templates from SRD and Honda from James Hodge.

Size: 79.2 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/05/2020