VGD 2011 Collector’s Car Pack One (For BR11 Mod)


Original date added: 1/14/2012

Creator: Mystical


Car Pack Info:

Collector Edition owners of the VGD Car Set have the option to download seven more bonus alternate schemes if they wish. Along with Car Pack One also comes Collector’s Pack One. So if you are a collector’s Owner and have a code to unlock these cars you can download both the standard and premium pack cars to give you a total of 22 new schemes. These bonus schemes continue to expand on the video game companies and game engine design that the original collector’s edition car set featured.


Car Included:

#6 Lucasarts Pontiac
#6 Lucasarts white trim Pontiac
#11 Bethesda Dodge
#11 Bethesda white trim Dodge
#13 Halo Waypoint
#26 Treyarh Chevy
# 99 Blizzard Entertainment / Battlenet Toyota


How to install to NR2003:

Unzip the folder and copy the cars from cars folder to your NR2003 directory: NR2003/BR2011 Mod Series/Cars folder.



– Bases and number on car painted by Mystical in photoshop / after effects.

– Logos from google, masgraphix, and best brands of the world, some including the Armory Digital and part of Primary sponsors created by Mystical.

– Templates from Bullring 2011, SRD Toyota Template, Pontiac Template parts created by Mystical.



Size: 5.31 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/17/2020