Gen6 Sounds V3.0


Date Added: 4/23/2014

Creator: kirbyfighter12


Sound Pack info: Starting with the Gen6 Cockpit sounds and then the Gen6Sounds; I was soon not pleased with the sounds myself, so then game along

Version 2.0, which updated the externals. Version 2.5 which unlocked a new potential for soundpacks introducing a Transmission whine, and now 3.0!

The last of the updates to my Gen6 Sound Pack. Huge thank you to Dave from VHR STOCK CAR. I did not have optimal cockpit samples, and I asked

Dave if I could use his and he has allowed me to modify them to fit the NR2003 Sound System.


How to install to NR2003: Installation is in the README


Credits: Kirbyfighter, Dave from VHR StockCar for the allowed use of his cockpit samples!

Known Issues: No Issues

Size: 6.22 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/13/2020