ICR Mod Release Date Details

After many months of work the International Competitive Racing Mod will be available for all very soon:

The mod along with all its content (render scenes, templates, carset, etc) are completed and the final work to package it all up and get it ready for web hosting is being done these next few days. Here are some of the things you can expect when the mod drops next week:


– Mod along with the Launch Trailer will release Saturday afternoon simultaneously around 4pm-8pm PDT window

– Multiple customization options available to truly shape the mod and make your own fictional series such as 16 manufacturer templates on launch to choose from, custom tire brands, chassis and rollbar custom coloring, nameplate in the cockpit, and much more.

– Highly detailed damage model, flap deployment, and detachable parts to give those epic crashes a spectacular viewing.

– Optimized to be as performance friendly so users with lower end pc’s can still jump in on the fun while allowing users with higher end rigs to enjoy the fully highly detailed models for those epic screenshots.

– Post-launch resource support included but not limited to: additional manufacturer templates, extra template add-ons, base layer packs, car files, and much more.

– Several new features for a NR2003 mod that will allow you to experience racing in NR2003 a whole new way like never before.