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2015 BMW for Gen6 BR15 mod


Original date added: 8/1/2015

Creator: Kirbyfighter12


Template info:

2048 x 2048 Dimensions.
BMW Joins the Nascar Division! With Switchable Head and Taillights from Normal to M-Performance Parts..


How to Install:

Import TGA to – C:\Papyrus\NASCAR Racing 2003 Season\exports_imports
Create New Driver, Use FORD body, Click IMPORT, Select your TGA, Save as. Go to Player profile Select your car!



Myself; BIG EVIL RACING crew (Original Ford Template), DER, Turn4Graphics, Bullring Motorsports, Google 2014 BMW M5 Parts. Render by Andy1; Render Edited by Myself.

Size: 13.3 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/13/2020