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Original date added: 10/19/2013

Creator: Mystical


UIE 2013 Info:

Welcome to UIE 2013 the only mod in existence for NR2003 that enhances the UI of the game. This mod aims to improve and update a few sections of the game I felt really needed an overhaul. The main places I focused on in this mod were the main menus, replays, and of course the racing layouts.


Legendary Collectors Edition includes:

– All Main Menu UIE 2013 Layouts

– All Replay UIE 2013 Layouts

– All Racing UIE 2013 Layouts


How to install to NR2003:

Installation guide provided with download.



Provided with download (it’s a long list)

Size: 91 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/11/2020