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NR2003 Desktop Icons Pack


Original date added: 10/13/2013

Creator: Mystical


Add-on info:

These are for Windows desktop icons. Use to replace your NR2003 shortcut icons or even use them for other folders.


How to install to NR2003:

To add an icon to the NR2003 shortcut icon for example right click on the NR2003 shortcut and go to properties. Next click ‘change icon’ and choose ‘browse’. Locate the directory you copied the NR2003 icons to and open. Lastly hit the ‘apply’ button. Chnages should take affect.



– Logos created by Mystical, Masgrafx, best brands of the world, Sgt Slaughter, and ETR

– Windows ICO conversion done by Mystical

Size: 423 kb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/14/2020