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2008 Optical Frequency Car Set (For gns mod)


Original date added: 7/28/2010

Creator: Mystical



Car Set info:

This is 2008 Optical Frequency Series car set. This car set includes 47 unique cars and a total of 80+ designs including the various alternate schemes. This car set uses the regular cup mod. The Optical series no longer runs any races and many of the drivers are now in the fictional Armory Digital Cup Series.



How to install to NR2003:

Unzip the folder and copy all the files within the cars folder to your NR2003 directory: NR2003/Series/Cars folder. If you want to use the mainback file simply copy this into the same series folder as the cats are place. Likewise you can create a new series folder and add the mainback to that with these cars.




– Bases and numbers on cars all painted by Mystical in photoshop / after effects.

– Logos from google, masgraphix, and best brands of the world.

– Templates from masgraphix and

Size: 31.6 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/03/2020