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Gen6 Sounds V4.0 Final Edition


Date Added: 9/13/2014

Creator: kirbyfighter12

File Size: 14.9 mb


Sound Pack info: You heard right folks, a 4th installment to my Gen6 Soundpack. This one uses personal samples, and samples from VHR together to create Blissful engine harmony for the game we all love!


How to install to NR2003: Installation is in the README


Credits: Kirby, Dave VHR Stockcar


Known Issues: Cockpit Crackles @ Low revs when sudden full throttle applied- This is due to issues with Win_ and the Winston_ and Is out of my Control. Louder Cockpit Volume is increased by 10DB and there is noticable crackle in it out of my control. My Advice would be turn down your AI Engine settings.


File Contents:
Deeper Engine Sounds (External) Super Speedway Sounds (External) Higher Volume Cockpit Sounds (Internal) + Default Sounds.

Size: 14.9 mb
Version: 1.0
Published: 02/13/2020