ICR Mod 1.1 Update

     It has only been a week since the ICR Mod released and v1.1 update is now ready for download. For a quick breakdown of all the new fixes, improvements, and features you can watch the video below:

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ICR Mod 1.1 Release Notes:

– #45 car in carset now compressed and rear driver name banner updated so no longer showing placeholder name
– GNS, CTS, and PTA physics types now available as download options for the mod
– Optimizations made to inner shell mesh of undamaged cars, more tris removed for increased performance
– Front bumper section now properly will fall off when hit hard enough
– New debris and falling off parts geometry for wrecks added
– Player now has option to change cockpit dash colors
– Templates updated to 1.1 version
– Driver Display Interface version 2 added to the mod, 2 new paintable sections available to paint on with the 1.1 templates
– In menus manufacturer now displays on a per-car basis, old stp manufacturer images now legacy option

ICR Mod 1.1 Update Overview

     If you would like a more detailed breakdown on the new features and how they can be added you can watch the video below to help guide you through the 1.1 update.

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1.1 Update now available for download

     If you have previously downloaded the mod all links have been updated to the 1.1 version. All you have to do is download again and you will automatically have the new 1.1 features. If you do not want to have to re-download every template again you can download the 1.1 template patch and manually update the templates yourself (as shown in the 1.1 overview video above).