Stock-Power Go Kart mod announcement

Mod is now available as of 3/5/2022!

     Since the release of the ICR mod in 2020, Armory Digital Racing Designs has been quiet about a lot of the development projects since then. While there is still a lot to come for the future that will be exciting, the time has finally come to reveal this next small mod. This mod is considered a mini side project if you will. While the idea for the mod existed as far back as 2020 when the ICR mod was in development it didn’t become an actual reality until a few months ago. So without further delay I’m happy to announce the Stock-Power Go Kart mod is coming to NR2003 soon!

     The mod started development on December 24th, 2021 and was completed roughly 1.5 weeks later. Since then all the work has been focused on painting the full carset, final cleanup adjustments, and getting all the promo work done. It has been a very smooth and efficient development to say the least (much of the credit going towards the ICR development learning process that has paid off making future mods easier).

     While this mod is considered ‘small’ make no mistake it is still a complete mod with all the features you’d expect in a mod including unique features exclusive to Armory Digital Racing Design mods such as the Driver Display Interface. (see below for a breakdown of features).

There are just a few weeks ago but stay tuned for the the release date and launch trailer premiere. More info on what the mod exactly is and where its place belongs in the NR2003 mod collection will be shared on release day.

Stock-Power Go Kart Launch Trailer 3/5/2021 8:00 PDT

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Key features included with the Stock-Power Go Kart mod:

– Armory Digital Racing Designs first open-wheel type mod

– Multiple customization options available to truly shape the mod and make your own fictional series such as a customizable template, custom tire brands, custom coloring options, driver suit coloring, and the Driver Display Interface making a return.

– Highly detailed damage modeland detachable parts to give those epic crashes a spectacular viewing.

– Optimized to be as performance friendly so users with lower end pc’s can still jump in on the fun while allowing users with higher end rigs to enjoy the fully highly detailed models for those epic screenshots.