ICR Mod Manufacturer Showcase

If you have been following the dev posts the past few months you are probably well aware by now of the ICR Mod that’s been in development as previously talked about. While the mod itself is still a few weeks out from being fully released, today I am happy to reveal the manufacturer templates that will be launching with it. 16 manufacturers will be available to paint on and choose from to build your own series with this mod. You can use them all or just a few, it really is up to you. To show how customizable this mod body is the manufacturers displayed today give you a good idea of the freedom in template creation. So without further delay here are the 16 manufacturers coming as templates for the mod on release day:

Play Video

If you would like to see a still of each one here is a gallery for them as well.


Along with these 16 templates comes the 4 blank ones (not shown in the video). These will allow you to create your own manufacturers if you would prefer to make something different than the provided ones. After the mod releases you can expect a few more templates to be released. The first one to come post launch is planned to be the Mazda. The final pieces of the mod have been coming together and it probably will not be too many more weeks before the official release of the mod comes. Check back in the future for a release date.