Site still under construction in some areas

With the site just opening the majority of the content from the old site has been restored. There are a few downloads not yet added back but for the most part everything that originally was available for download on the old site is back again. It took many hours to rebuild and upload everything and while a decent amount of testing was done to make sure links work there might have been a few errors that slipped through. If you happen to notice a dead link or an incorrect one let me know and I will fix it soon as I can.


The ‘New from the Paintshop’ section has no new paints either because I’ve been away not painting for quite some time. After I release my new mod you will start to see a ton of new paint schemes for that mod of course as that will be the main mod I paint for on this site. All of the old paint schemes are back up on the site though so if you ever want to view the old paints they are all stowed away in the archive section.


On the flip-side of restoring old content the rebuild was not meant to just get us back to square one but build upon it. In the future new sections will open up such as the tutorials and resources section. In here these areas I hope will provide more information and help to those in the community that may want to learn how to mod NR2003 in different way or a place to find useful guides at the very least. For example the resources section may include track resources like wall mips I’ve scratch made so they can use on their own track. Another example could be texture packs for different types of asphalt, grass, and dirt. Other resources may include 3do’s I’ve made that a track builder can download and easily add to their track in sandbox.


In the tutorial section I plan to gather all my previous tutorials and have them neatly indexed for easy access. This section will house in the future I also hope more rare guides such as UI editing, track creation, and even making a mod (as I mentioned in my ICR development posts). Having a place for that information will be really great I think for the community so everyone who want to learn how to make content for NR2003 can. As much as this site serves as just a download center for my content I also want it to be a place information can be found as well. One of the best way for NR2003 to get more content is have more content creators and with useful resources and guides that can help propel a whole lot of new users to engage and make stuff for the game.


There is no definite timeline when these sections will come online but I hope in the future months or year these will be some substantial content at the very least to get the areas jump started. When they do arrive you will see a news post about it for sure.